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TED Talk: On Diversity: Access Ain't Inclusion (Anthony Jack)


Podcast: Revisionist History, Season 1, Episodes 4, 5, and 6 on access, marketing, and money in higher education admissions 

Podcast: Revisionist History, Season 4, Episodes 1 and 2 on admissions testing and elitism in higher education

Podcast: Revisionist History, Season 6, Episode 2 on the tyranny of rankings in higher education

Michael Sandel on The Tyranny of Merit

Some Memorable Commencement Addresses:


Julia Alvarez, Middlebury, 2015

Maya Angelou, Wellesley, 1982

Joseph Brodsky, University of Michigan, 1988


Stephen Colbert, University of Virginia, 2013

Tim Cook, Duke, 2018

Will Ferrell, University of Southern California, 2017


Steve Jobs, Stanford, 2005

John F. Kennedy, Harvard, 1956

Lin-Manual Miranda, University of Pennsylvania, 2016

Barack Obama, 2020


Michelle Obama, North Carolina A&T, 2012


Conan O'Brien, Dartmouth, 2011


George Saunders, Syracuse, 2013


David Foster Wallace, Kenyon, 2005


Documentary: "Starving the Beast" on state funding of public higher education

Documentary: "FailState" on troubles in for-profit postsecondary institutions

Some Advice for Academic Life



SNL on College Admissions

Conan O'Brien's Admissions Scandal

Agnes Scott College Surprises the Princeton Guys (Slate Article)

About that Endowment...

From The Onion:


          A Big Announcement


          Adjunct Faculty


          What a Commencement Address!

          What Do Tuition Payments Cover?


          Professorial Insights

Monty Python on Governance and Leadership


PhD Comics

Lego Grad Student