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EDHI 9050 Resources




Exercise on Decentralization

Exercise on Power and Politics

Written Case Assignment: Leadership Drama at UVa

Team Article Analysis Assignment

In-class Case Assignment: "Urbane State"

Exercise on Comparative Higher Education

Useful Overviews, Charts, Figures, Reports, Presentations, etc.:


Introductory Themes in Higher Education Organization and Governance

Core Organizational Values, Structures, Processes

Key Concepts in Bureaucratic-Structural Models


U.S. Institutional Ecology


Centralization Map

Scientific Management - Shovel Data

Scientific Management Ad

Hidden Figures: Universalism vs. Tradition

Animal House - Double Secret Probation: Hyper-bureaucratization

Hoosiers - Taking Control of the Team: Formal Authority

Key Concepts in Political Models

Hidden Figures: Speaking to Power

Norma Rae: Leadership from the Bottom

Hoosiers - Meeting the Townspeople

Nixon Meets Helms

Horsefeathers: Faculty vs. Administration

​Key Concepts in Institutional/Cultural Models

Fraternity History - Functions and Roles

Institutional Artifact: Berry College

A Few Good Men - Code Red: The Power of the Unwritten


Dead Poets Society - Opening Scene

Hoosiers - Entering Butler Fieldhouse

Cultural Artifact: Sewanee

Key Concepts in Leadership and Decisionmaking

Don Quixote and Leadership: Passion and Leadership


Key Concepts in "Carnegie School" Perspectives

Interview with Johan Olsen on "Carnegie School" Ideas

Interview with James March on "Carnegie School" Ideas

Interview with James March on the Origins of the "Garbage Can" Model

Implications of Research for Higher Education Leadership

Performance Assessment: Presentation on State Policy and Student Success


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