EDHI 8400 Resources



Key Themes in the Finance of Higher Education


Topical Issue Assignment


Useful Overviews, Charts, Figures, Reports, Presentations, etc.:

Core Ideas and Concepts in HE Finance

U.S. Institutional Ecology


State Funding Approaches

Data on Trends in State Funding and Tuition (from SHEEO)





State Tuition Variation (interactive)

State Tuition and Aid Variation, 2014

State Performance Funding


Institutional Statements

Davidson College

University of Georgia

Georgia Tech

University System of Georgia

University of Michigan

Saginaw Valley State University

St. Olaf College

Spelman College

Stanford University

Vanderbilt University

Villanova University

Strategy and Finance in Higher Education

Access, Marketing, and Money in Higher Education: Revisionist History, Season 1, Podcast Episodes 4, 5, and 6


Introducing Private College Finance (ACM)

Enrollment Management (courtesy of Greg Wolniak)

"Starving the Beast" on state funding of public higher education

"FailState" on troubles in for-profit postsecondary institutions

Finance Humor (not necessarily an oxymoron!):


A Question of Terminology


Alumni Appreciation


Donor Appreciation


Cutting Administration


Cutting Departments