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    Welcome to Professor Jim Hearn’s website for students and research collaborators.  The site provides a variety of potentially useful resources, plus a few bonus links. 


    The “About” page provides links to information on the McBee Institute of Higher Education, the University of Georgia, and Professor Hearn.


    The “Research Resources” page provides links to data and reports on higher education.


    The “Student Resources” page provides general information for students in Professor Hearn's classes and in the thesis stage.  


    When Professor Hearn is teaching a class, a page with resources specifically for that class will be visible in the menu.


    The “Miscellany” page provides some extra, more general links regarding higher education.


    And the “Contact Info” page does what you’d expect it to do.


    Please let us know if you find problems in the site, or if there’s more you’d like to see here.



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